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Off topic thread: New Year's resolutions

John Phillips/Getty Images

I seem to be kind of slow moving this morning for some reason. Between that, and the lack of news coming from the Jays, other than it being automatic contract renewal day for John Gibbons, I thought we could share our New Year's resolutions.

This year, for me:

  • I'd like to check off at least a couple more ballparks from the list. On the AL side, I think I have Tampa Bay (but I'm in no rush to see that one), Chicago, Kansas City, Cleveland, Texas and Houston left. I did see a game in the Astrodome, many years back and I took a tour of the Astro's Minute Maid Park, but the team was on the road when we were there. On the NL side, well I've only been to a couple of the parks. I'd like to see Wrigley Field one day. Maybe see both Chicago parks this summer and maybe another if I'm lucky.
  • As a personal thing, I'm going to try to keep myself out of the silly baseball arguments this year. I tend to not be able to leave some things alone, when I really should. Who cares that what some idiot thinks of Jose Bautista flipping his bat? Sometimes I feel like the guy in the cartoon that 'can't go to bed because someone is wrong on the internet'.
  • On the non-baseball side, the boring one, I want to get into better shape. There is the bike ride I've been mentioning (73% of the way to my donation goal, thank you to those that have donated) and I'd like to get to where I can do some bike rides in the mountains. Maybe the Icefields Parkway ride from Banff to Jasper. And I'm thinking about a half marathon late in the summer. I have to do something to counter the hours spent watching the Jays on TV and sitting at the computer.
Share whatever resolutions you are making this year. And Happy New Year everyone. I hope this year is as exciting, for Blue Jays fans, as last year.