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Top Bluebird Banter Posters of 2015

2015 was a great year for our site and, of course, a great year for the Blue Jays as well. Our numbers were way up, page view were up 40% and visits were up 49%

We had 1312 front page stories (not counting GameThreads) down a bit from 1351 last year. Sometimes I'm sure we've said everything there is to be said about the Blue Jays. There are far too many days when I stare at a blank screen and wonder what else there is to say. I'm up to 6788 career posts. A scary thing.

Last year's leader boards

Most FanPosts
DangYouToHeck 18
JakeSinclair25 11
Mike Hannah 5
danielhenry 5
JaysSaskatchewan 4
DanJayFan 4
Siefert 4
SuckaMD 4
joyster 3
erik.t 3

We can always use more FanPosts. I love reading them. We all have opinions about the Jays, and FanPosts are a great way to share them (though if your opinion is that there are too many Dominicans on the team, maybe don't share that one).

Most FanShots
Tom Dakers 65
Jeremy F. Koo 61
radivel 12
Goldenhawk99 7
MartsB 7
Kevin Papetti 6
hansdampf 6
Scott C. 6
bluejaysstatsgeek 4
Minor Leaguer 3

Yeah, FanShots are buried at the bottom of the page. Even I forget they are there sometimes. I have an edge, I can put mine up on the front page. 

Most Comments
Eric H 24048
Belisarius 14476
DangYouToHeck 14467
MjwW 13919
Tom Dakers 11801
erik.t 9196
lalalaprise 8665
Momus3 7720
Alan F. 7394
Kraemer_17 7222

Eric is a two time winner (though last year he won under a different name). He's up 3400 comments from last year. I think he should be tested for comment-enhancing drugs. Kraemer drops from second to tenth. MjwW and I were fourth and fifth last year too. Alan F. moves down one spot. The other five are new to the list this year.

So, if you want your name on the lists next year, you see what need to do. Most of the top ten commenters are regulars in the GameThreads, that will help you comment count.

Thanks all. Here's to an even better 2016