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Jays add to front office

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays have a new Director, Player Development. He's Gil Kim, he worked for the Rangers for the past 7 years, He was their Director, International Scouting. The ones that hate Shapiro will be surprised Gil didn't come from the Indians.

The Jays say:

In his new role, the Potsville, Pennsylvania native will oversee the commitment of Player Development leaders and staff to include each player in the process of creating and realizing their physical, mental and fundamental goals.

Ok, lots of corporate speak in there.  I worry when businesses start using a lot of corporate speak, there seems to be too much time spent on coming up with the right terms and not enough time doing, you know, their jobs. "Realizing" seems to be an important word in corporate speak. They missed out the word actualize.

Tony LaCava had been director of player development under Alex Anthopoulos, but now he's a Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations and Assistant GM, whatever that means. It does see like baseball front offices are adding more people, more titles.

The Dodgers seem to be at the front of that movement, adding Alex to an already crowded front office, giving him the title of  vice-president of baseball operations. He joins Andrew Friedman (president of baseball operations) and Josh Byrnes (senior vp of baseball operations) and Farhan Zaidi (GM). I can't imagine who does what in that office. I guess I liked it when front offices were simpler.

I wonder who gets the job of vice president of making up new job titles. I guess that would be Director, Titles, Creator Of.