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Blue Jays avoid arbitration with Cecil, Saunders and Delabar

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Jays have come to agreements with 3 of the 8 arbitration eligible players that made it to filing day.

Brett seems like a bargain at that price.

That leaves 5 for the Jays to either make a deal with today or go in front of the arbitrator, since the Jay still say they won't negotiate a one-year deal with any player they end up filing with.

Still to come are Jesse Chavez, Aaron Loup, Drew Hutchison, Drew Storen and the big one Josh Donaldson who likely will end up breaking records, if he ends up filing.  Josh and the Jays went to arbitration last year.

I'll imagine we'll have more news soon,  as the 1:00 pm Eastern time deadline is just a few minutes off.


One more:

Four down, four to go.

Update #2:

And then there were 3.

Update #3:

Alex wasn't a fan of incentives, but he's gone. It is interesting that the Nationals are sending the Jays money to make up for the difference between Revere and Storen.

Update #4:

So they will be getting the contract set by an arbitrator, I'm sure the Jays won't be looking at more than a 1-year contract with Chavez.