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Saturday Bantering: Who will be the Jays fifth starter?

A picture from spring training last year. Hutchison, Cecil, Sanchez, Stroman.
A picture from spring training last year. Hutchison, Cecil, Sanchez, Stroman.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We've got about a month until the Blue Jays pitchers and catchers arrive in Dunedin and team really only has a a few open jobs up for grabs.

Who gets the left field job? And with that, who will be the fourth outfielder?

If Devon Travis isn't ready to play, who gets the utility infielder job, with Ryan Goins playing having full time work?

Who fills out the bullpen?

And who is the fifth starter?

Let's talk about that last one. The candidates seem to be (unless there is a late signing of Yovani Gallardo or something equally surprising):

Drew Hutchison

Going into spring, I would think that the team is hoping that he comes into spring and grabs the job. He's made 60 starts in the last two seasons, with a 4.97 ERA. He's been terrific for short stretches, and terrible for stretches. Going into last season many of us felt he was ready for the breakout year and, instead, he was pretty bad.

Aaron Sanchez

Sanchez has apparently put on 25 pounds of, mostly, muscle. He's been working out like crazy,with the goal of being a starter. He, likely, has higher upside than the other two main candidates, but then Gibby seemed very happy with him in the bullpen. He seems to fit into the bullpen better than Hutchison, so Gibby might go that way.

Jesse Chavez

Picked up for Liam Hendriks, in a trade that seems to have been pretty much universally hated. He's made 47 starts (for the A's) in the past two seasons, with a 3.83 ERA. I kind of see him as more a spot starter/long man than a fifth starter but maybe he'll have a great spring.

Anyway let's have a poll. Who do you see getting the fifth starter job?