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Today in Bluebird Banter history

Francisco Cordero
Francisco Cordero
Brad White/Getty Images

Since there isn't much for Blue Jays news, other than this:

Can you imagine? Actually I can't, I doubt that the Jays were in on him.

One Year Ago:

Two Years Ago:

Four Years Ago:

  • The Jays signed Francisco Cordero. I want it on the record that I wasn't thrilled. He had a 5.77 ERA, 2 saves, 3 blown, in 41 games, before Alex shipped him off to Houston.
  • Also I put up part one of an interview with Bruce Walton. Hmmm in the past 3 years I've interviewed Brian Butterfield, John Farrell, Bruce and Dwayne Murphy. There seems to be a pattern. Well, Murphy's still with the team, just not in the same role.
  • And we signed Brandon Morrow to a 3-year contract with an option for a 4th year.

Five Years Ago:

Six Years Ago:

There are little bits of baseball news. Mark McGwire's 'trainer' laughs about Mark's 'I only used steroids to recover from injuries' apology. Isn't saying 'I used to recover from injuries' kind of the equivalent to saying 'I only read Playboy for the interviews?'

Seven Years Ago:

Eight Years Ago:

Seve Years Ago: