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Question time: Which of the major sports has the best officiating?

Gibby might have an opinion on this subject.
Gibby might have an opinion on this subject.
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There isn't much for news today (or this month), so let's pass time with a little question:

Which of the major team sports has the best refereeing? How do baseball umpires ranks with the officiating in other sports?

Which of these leagues (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA or the top European soccer leagues) has the best and the worst officiating?

I tend to think the soccer leagues have the worst officiating. Diving is often rewarded with fouls on an fairly innocent player that happens to be somewhere in the area. Maybe it is the rather large playing field and the fact that the one ref is often a long way away from the play.

Which sport do you think is easiest to officiate and which the hardest?

Personally, I've always thought basketball was the hardest to ref. It seems that there are so many things to watch. I reffed a couple of high school level games, and had a terrible time. Watch for travelling, fouls, 3 in the key, who scored and try to stay out of the way.

I thought reffing soccer was the game that you needed to be in the best shape, running up and down the field, trying to keep up with the play was work. Though, keeping up with a hockey game is tough too, but you usually have help from linesmen.

Baseball tends to have more close calls than the other sports. And, of course, everyone thinks they had a better view of the close call then the ump. One of the worst parts of umpiring baseball, to me, was that everyone thinks they are allowed to argue any call.

Anyway, tell us what you think.