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Thoughts on the Hall of Fame vote

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Hall of Fame voting will be announce tonight at 6:00 Eastern, you can watch on

There are bunch of questions that will be answered:

Will Griffey be the first one voted in unanimously?

I think we know that one, it is a no. There are always some writers that think 'Seaver (or whoever is the big name in their mine) didn't go in unanimously, so no one should. I'd bet he'll be at 99.something percent.

How close will Tim Raines be?

Ok. maybe this one is just my question, but if he's above 65%, I'm feeling good about his chances for next year. Under that, I don't think there is a chance.

Does Mike Piazza make the grade, or do the back acne folks win out again?

He was at 69.9% last year, he should make it this year.

How big a jump the 'steroid guys' make?

Barry Bonds was only on 36.8% of the ballots and Roger Clemens 37.5%, last year, I'm thinking both of them finish over 50% this time. Mark McGwire likely jumps up a bit from his 10% last year, but I don't think he moves up enough that it matters.

My personal ballot? When we had our Bluebird Banter polls Ken Griffey, Tim Raines, Mike Piazza, Edgar Martinez, Alan Trammell, Larry Walker and Jeff Bagwell got over 75% of our votes, and I agree with all those. I'd add Barry Bonds and Fred McGriff, which leaves me one spot.

It really should go to Roger Clemens, he deserves to be in the Hall, but I couldn't bring myself to vote for the guy (though, since they'll never give me a vote, it really doesn't matter). I know that there are several lousy people already in the Hall and it is likely wrong to exclude him because I find him repugnant, but I couldn't vote for the guy to be dog catcher. The final straw, for me, was when they found out that PEDs were delivered to his house, the guy blamed his wife. You don't do things like that. You are supposed to stand up for your wife, not throw her under the bus.

Trevor Hoffman wouldn't get my vote either. Saves are great and all, but, for me, having a lot of saves, by itself, doesn't mean Hall of Fame to me.

Mark McGwire is close, but, for me, without the PEDs he wouldn't have the numbers to be considered. I'm ok with steroid guys going in, if I figure they would have made it without the drugs. Mark doesn't clear that hurdle for me.

I think I'd give the last spot on the ballot to Jim Edmonds. I don't think he'll make the Hall, but I'm worried he won't get the 5% needed to remain on the ballot for next year.

Give us your Hall of Fame ballot.