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A t-shirt for Josh Donaldson’s dash that led to the Blue Jays’ ALDS win

The Blue Jays keep producing iconic moments during these playoffs so our friends at BreakingT are able to keep capturing these memories in t-shirt form. Josh Donaldson’s mad dash home against the Rangers on Sunday on a would-be double play grounder is captured in the new release “Donaldson Dash”:

Click here to buy the t-shirt from BreakingT.’s Statcast video offers an angle from behind third base that wasn’t shown on the broadcast. Here, we see that Donaldson, starting at second base, briefly paused at third before seeing that Rougned Odor’s throw to first was offline. After that he dashed home, topping at a speed of 19.5 miles per hour before sliding safely at home to a cloud of dust and chalk and scoring the Blue Jays’ winning run in the ALDS.

The t-shirt is an officially licensed product of the MLBPA and is really, really soft and comfy to wear.

Declaration: The author is compensated for t-shirt sales.