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Wedesday Bantering: Links

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

There is something missing today...oh right, baseball. I don't know how I'm going to make it to Friday.

Kristina Rutherford writes about the prep and cleanup of the clubhouse for Blue Jays celebrations.

Ben Nicholson-Smith talks about the challenges presented by Terry Francona's use of Andrew Miller. You have to love the way Francona uses Miller. It is much the way the Jays would like to use Francisco Liriano.

I've never respected Jerry more:

Jerry Howarth refuses to say Cleveland's team name.

I love this:

If you are looking for tickets, on the resale market,  like I was (I'm going to be at the 3 games in Toronto, unless we sweep, I'll be the one in the Jays cap and Jays jersey, you can't miss me), our friends at TicketIQ have some information for you.

• 2016 Blue Jays ALCS tickets at Rogers Centre are 41% cheaper on average compared to last season's ALCS (2015 = $666.10, 2016 = $392.21)

• Average resale price for Blue Jays ALDS tickets at Rogers Centre was $308.40, marking a 27% jump on average between series

• 2016 Blue Jays ALCS tickets are 14th most expensive LCS tickets since 2010, when TicketIQ began tracking ticket data. (2015 Cubs were most expensive ever at a $1,218.42 avg.)

• Cheapest ALCS game in Toronto is Game 3 next Monday ($349.10 avg ticket price). Cheapest ticket in Toronto is during Game 4 next Tuesday ($135)