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Blue Jays ALCS Roster

MLB: ALCS-Workouts Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Moments after I hit post on the prediction thread, the Jays released their ALCS roster.

Ryan Goins and Dalton Pompey are in, as well as Devon Travis and Francisco Liriano (well, he’s in as of game two). Justin Smoak and Scott Feldman don’t make the cut.

I’m surprised about Smoak, but I think it is a good move. I really don’t see any chance that he’d get into a game. Feldman, he really wouldn’t be going into any game that we had any chance of winning. Goins gives us depth in case Travis can’t play.

And we know the how the starting rotation will work:

Game One: Estrada

Game Two: Happ

Game Three: Stroman

Game Four: Sanchez

I would imagine that Stroman or Sanchez will be available tonight out of the pen, since Liriano isn’t there to take the middle inning role. has updated their World Series odds (I really should have put some money on the Jays when the odds were better):