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Devon Travis removed from roster, Justin Smoak on

MLB: ALCS-Toronto Blue Jays at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Not news that will surprise anyone but Devon Travis has been dropped from the ALCS roster and Justin Smoak takes his place. I’m sure everyone that saw him hobble off the field knew this was coming. It means that Travis is unavailable for the World Series, should we make it (well, even if we don’t make it, he won’t be on the WS roster).

Smoak addition would allow Gibby to let Edwin sit for an inning or two at the end of a game, if we are leading. Or he could pinch hit (if we are out of reasonable pitch hit choices. But I’m doubting we’ll see much of him. Ryan Goins and Darwin Barney will share second base.

I feel bad for Travis. He really wanted to play and tried his best. Hopefully next year will be a healthier season for the guy. Maybe he can put all his injury woes in the past now.