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Playoffs Meetup

MLB: Game Two-Toronto Blue Jays at Baltimore Orioles
No wasting beer when we meet.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Made it to Toronto yesterday. Had a nice meal at a favorite Toronto restaurant (N’awlins, with great live acoustic blues by Brooke Blackburn) and got asked to do a quick interview on CTV News Channel and, while there, the local CTV channel talked to me for a while.

We spoke about a meetup and on the way back from the CTV studio we stopped for a drink at The Town Crier at 115 John St. It is far enough away from Rogers Centre that it shouldn’t be packed, but it’s also just a 10-minute walk. The place seemed nice and had good food and 50 beers on tap. I thought we could plan to meet up there for lunch tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1:00 and maybe (for those that can’t come for lunch), drinks after the game there as well (if you are coming to the game tonight, and want to go for drinks after, email me and we’ll arrange something).

Leave a message in the comments if you can come tomorrow afternoon, and I’ll call them to make sure they save us some room.