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Sad it is over, but it was a good ride

MLB: ALCS-Cleveland Indians at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Back home and every one I talk to is talking to me in those gentle voices that people use to speak to someone that has had a loss in the family.

I’m not overly sad, I had a good time in Toronto. I had never been to baseball playoff games before. The atmosphere was great. It was very loud for all three games. I wish the outcomes were better, but that’s life. It has been such an up and down season, and I’ve been told ‘season’s over’ so many times, that I was happy that there was playoff ball.

I was sad when I was thinking that I might be watching Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion and Brett Cecil in Blue Jays colors for the last time. Each of the three have been such a part of my baseball life, for so long, that it did seem like the end to an era. They have given me so much enjoyment that I’m sad that it might be over.

The games? Well, neither of the losses were blowouts. Either one could have changed with the swing of a bat. We had too many long flies caught on the track (I wish someone from MLB would explain why the dome was closed Wednesday, it was a beautiful day and Rogers Center is a much better place when the dome is open. Personally I think the smart people in the MLB offices don’t understand that 20 degrees Celsius isn’t the same as 20 degrees Fahrenheit).

The Clevelanders out homered us 6 to 2, and yet my twitter feed was full of ‘we should be playing small ball’ cause ‘that’s how you win in playoffs’.

I really felt good about our chances after winning Tuesday’s game. I thought Francona made a huge mistake starting Kluber on short rest. But I didn’t think Ryan Merritt would be so tough to hit.

Our pitchers had a very good series. I thought Gibby left Marco in the game longer than I would have, but other than that I don’t have too many complaints with how he used his pitchers.

The bats, on the other didn’t do much at all. The only two that hit at all were Josh Donaldson (.333/.400/.556) and Michael Saunders (.429/.429/.643). Cleveland pitched us well.

I’ve been a Jays’ fan long enough to think that going to the ALCS two seasons in a good thing. We have had it pretty good. You never know when the good times might end, so it is best to enjoy them when they are here.

Thanks to everyone for your visits to the site and comments through what was a trying , but ultimately pretty successful season. This place wouldn’t be much fun if you all didn’t contribute.

And let’s have a hand for all our writers: Minor Leaguers, Matt W, Scott C, Gerse, Sean Herman, Jared Book, eelliott29, Mike Hannah, Kevin Papettir, Jake Sinclair and Cole Shelton.

But, just because the season ended, it doesn’t mean we are closing shop here. It looks like it will be an interesting off season. I’m looking forward to the seeing how things shake out. The first bit of news came out soon after the end of the game Wednesday, with the announcement that Gibby would be back next year.