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Interview with Blue Jays Prospect Reggie Pruitt

Considered one of the steals of the 2015 draft, Reggie talks to me about his time with the Jays so far and the MLB draft

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Reggie Pruitt is a speedy outfielder that the Blue Jays drafted in the 24th round in 2015. He was considered a major steal as Pruitt was a consensus top 200 player and went 772. Pruitt slipped as he had a commitment to Vanderbilt, a top baseball school in the country. Pruitt tweeting on draft day that he was signing with Vanderbilt didn't help either but the Jays took a chance on the outfielder. In his first full season of pro ball Pruitt hit .237 with 10 RBI's and 16 stolen bases with Bluefield. Pruitt the Blue Jays 24th best prospect will look to continue his development in 2017.


Cole Shelton: You fell a lot in the draft because most scouts thought you were going to Vanderbilt, what changed your mind to sign with Toronto?

Reggie Pruitt: It's never that I didn't want to go to Vanderbilt, it is a great program and a an amazing school. Coach Corbin and I had a great relationship and I respect him very much, so it was very hard for me to tell him I wasn't coming. I just have always grown up saying I want to be a professional baseball player, and be a professional it was never about the money. However the Blue Jays gave me that chance to and the amount I signed for was just a bonus form them on top of giving me the chance to do something I have always wanted to do since I was a little kid.

CS: Well many Jays fans are glad you signed with Toronto, your speed is arguably your best tool, what is another tool that you think will get you to the majors?

RP: My bat has really been developing it just seems as time goes on and on I keep getting better and better with my swing, my approach and my overall game with my bat. So I believe that's the one tool that will push me over the edge because my defense I feel has always been above average and I pride myself in it and my arm has always been good so yes I believe my bat will be the thing to help me get there the most.

CS: For Jays fans who don't know who you are describe yourself as a baseball player.

RP: My game is speed I use my legs for my game. I'm a contact guy but I can drive the ball in the gaps for doubles and triples. I would like to say that I have very good baseball instincts which allows me to play the game naturally and my legs also allow me to play the outfield very well.

CS: The Jays could definitely use more speed. What is your goal for 2017 and when do you see yourself in the majors?

RP: My goal is to continue to get better and be better then I was the year before and so on. I don't know when but I hope soon but until then I will continue to work and be ready for that time and trust the process!

CS: You are a very good defender what is your favourite part of playing Center Field?

RP: Center field is just like free, there isn't a lot of technical things you need to do all though there still is some but when I'm out there all I say is I'm not letting anything drop out here. When I'm in the outfield it is a no fly zone!

CS: What is on thing you want to improve on in your game?

RP: My hit tool because that's one thing that will push me over the edge and make me a real all around player. That is the thing like I mentioned before that will push me over the top and get me to the majors.

CS:Being from Georgia what do you know about Toronto?

RP:To tell you the truth I know absolutely nothing about Toronto. It seems like an amazing city with amazing people and I can't wait to get there and enjoy it all up in Canada.

CS:Well Toronto is a very nice city with great fans. Is going to college something you wish you could have done?

RP: I actually have a chance to go still get my degree and I will. So that work part of college I won't miss it on. For the other stuff it would have been nice to go. However I'm doing the one thing right now that I have always wanted to do, so I am not wishing I did anything else!

CS: Who is someone you look up to and want to play like them?

RP: My two favourite players are Lorenzo Cain for the Royals and Kevin Kerimaier on the Rays. Those are two guys that I definitely try to model my game after. Just the way they both always go all out and can make things happen with their bats and in the field with there defense play.

CS: Two great players for sure, finally in the locker room are you a leader or more of a quiet guy?

RP: I have always been a leader on all my teams I have ever played on. Once you get to pro ball your the low guy on the totem pole and nobody really pays attention to you like that so I control the things I can control and try to lead by example. I try to lead not so much by my words but with my actions.

CS: Thank you for doing this and hope to see you in Toronto soon.

RP: No problem man, thank you!