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Wild Card Day Bantering: Rosters and prediction thread

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Boston Red Sox
More of this please.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Jays announced their roster for tonight’s game. I’m a bit surprised that Thole is out, I would have liked 3 catchers, so if we need to pinch run for one, there would still be an extra.

Beyond that, no Dickey...and not Happ or Sanchez, but those two wouldn’t be available.


Joe Biagini, Brett Cecil, Marco Estrada, Scott Feldman, Jason Grilli, Francisco Liriano, Aaron Loup, Roberto Osuna, Marcus Stroman and Ryan Tepera


Russell Martin and Dioner Navarro


Darwin Barney, Josh Donaldson, Edwin Encarnacion, Ryan Goins, Justin Smoak, Devon Travis and Troy Tulowitzki


Jose Bautista, Ezequiel Carrera, Kevin Pillar, Dalton Pompey, Michael Saunders and Melvin Upton.

Good news:

We are 34-16 with the roof open this year.

Arden Zwelling has a piece on how Dalton Pompey prepares to pinch run (much as I’d prefer a piece on how he gets to start tonight’s game):

Pompey’s process starts long before the game, in the Blue Jays video room, where he will look over footage of the opposition’s relievers, trying to spot tendencies and cues he can use to his advantage. He hones in on certain counts, looking for spots where the pitchers favour their breaking balls, which are far easier to run on. He tries to isolate one movement, one tell that the pitchers gives every time they’re coming to the plate, so he can look for it in the game and know that’s his signal to go.

More good news:

Arden Zwelling also talks to some Jays about the fun of playing in the Wild Card game, Grilli says it is ‘not for the faint of heart’.

Beyond the Boxscore has this preview (though I didn’t read the ‘How the Orioles win’ part, cause they don’t).

Let’s have a prediction thread. Give us the final score and who drives in the Jays winning run (if you predict the Orioles winning, you are banned). You can give us anything else you want to predict too, I figure first appearance of the wave is the 5th inning.

My guess, a 4-2 Jays win with Bautista driving home the winning run.