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ALDS Prediction Thread

I hope to see more like this.
I hope to see more like this.
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The ALDS starts this afternoon. The schedule:

Today's game is at 4:30 Eastern: Marco Estrada vs. Cole Hamels

Friday's game is at 1:00 Eastern: J.A. Happ vs Yu Darvish

Sunday's game is at 7:00 Eastern: Aaron Sanchez vs TBD

Monday's game time is 'to be decided': Marcus Stroman vs TBD

Wednesday's game is time 'to be decided': Marco Estrada vs TBD

I did check into flights to Dallas, but last minute flights are very expensive and they don't take cheese doodles as payment. So, I'm going to watch from my couch.

Lets have a prediction thread. Give us the series winner, number of games, total runs scored and anything else you might want to predict.

I'm going Jays in 4. Total of 32 runs. At least one bat flip. And I'm hoping no brawls this time.

I also predict I'll be tired of the Bautista as villain thing. It's just so boring. He homered off us, we have to hate him.

This is great: