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Sunday Bantering: My kingdom for a bit of Blue Jays news

ALCS - Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays - Game Five
Yean I’m pulling out my hair too.
Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

People ask me “What happens with the site during the offseason?” And I say “There are always things to talk about.”

Well, not lately.

I’d kill for a decent rumor.

I’m thinking of making up my own rumors.

I imagine the negotiations on the new CBA. Jon Heyman tells us that, if there isn’t an agreement by December 1, there could be a lockout.

December 1? That’s the deadline for a lockout? You gotta be kidding? Isn’t that wee bit early to be threatening the players (and us) with a work stoppage?

It sounds like the Qualifying Offer and the loss of a draft pick is going to disappear. That will make life easier for the mid-level free agents and likely even help the top guys as more teams would join into the bidding.

An international draft seem to be on the table. I don’t care much either way. The international signings gives us stuff to talk about separate from the draft.

The other thing players would like is to get rid of the “draft allotments”, allowing drafted players to negotiate without an artificial limit. I think the small market teams would hate that.

If the CBA negotiations end, maybe the Jays can get back to work filling the roster. Right now the team needs:

  • One or two outfielders
  • A first baseman
  • At least two relievers, one lefty for sure

As much as I think an outfield of Pompey, Alford and Pillar would be interesting (with Upton and Carrera as backups) and likely the best defensive outfield we’ve ever had, I think they are going to have to find someone a little less offensively challenged to take, at least, one of the corner spots.

Dexter Fowler would be a nice choice. He’s give us a leadoff hitter and a switch hitter (he’s hit lefties much better than right-handers in his career). The questions I have are: ‘will he be winning to move to a corner outfield spot?’ and ‘are the Jays willing to give up a draft pick?’

If not Fowler:

  • Yoenis Cespedes? He would replace some of the power lost if Bautista and Encarnacion sign elsewhere. He is younger than both.
  • Michael Saunders? He enjoyed being a Blue Jay but his defense was terrible. If you think the first half of his season is his true value, you could likely underpay for him.
  • Eric Thames? The comedic value of watching him play the outfield might be worth the salary (though he’d have to be better than Saunders on defense). He could platoon with Upton. I’d be against giving him a long term contract, but he’d be cheaper than the first couple of names on the list.
  • Carlos Beltran? I hope not, but he could be a one-year bridge to Anthony Alford.
  • Jon Jay? Again, he could be a left-handed bat to platoon with Upton. No power, but he gets on base.

After that I think you are looking at trades. I hate trying to predict trades. I don’t know who the Jays would be willing to give up. We aren’t armpit deep in prospects to give up.

First base?

My favored choices are Edwin or Jose. And, I think, the they go without signing somewhere else, the better the chance is the come back.

Edwin got the four year offer from the Jays, rumored to be $80 million, which seems to be the right spot to start negotiating. I have a feeling that he’ll take whatever other offers he gets back to the Jays to see if they will match.

I’d think the Jays will wait for Edwin’s situation to resolve before deciding on Jose. And Jose, in my book, would have to be told that he is no longer an outfielder.

If neither? I don’t know. I don’t see a platoon of Smoak and Colabello working. I could see making an offer to Saunders and teach him first base in spring training.

I really can’t imagine them trading for Votto.

They could go for a one-year bridge to Rowdy.


I have no idea what they are thinking. I’m relatively sure that they won’t be going after Aroldis Chapman (and I don’t want him) or Kenley Jansen. I’m a fan of Boone Logan,but I think he’ll get more money than he’s worth.

I’d imagine trades or waiver pickups are more likely than a big free agent signing. maybe they can get lucky in the Rule 5 draft again.

Oh well, I’m thinking of watching the Grey Cup at a bar and forgetting about baseball for a few hours.