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Jays showing Edwin the ‘most love’

MLB: ALCS-Cleveland Indians at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Westhead, at reports that Edwin Encarnacion’s agent says that Edwin will likely sign either this week or early next week.

And he says:

“The Jays are showing Edwin the most love,” Kinzer said. “We’re talking. They want him back. Ross has been talking to Edwin. They have a great relationship.”

With Yoenis Cespedes signing for 4-years and $110 million, maybe Edwin is more willing to take a 4-year deal himself.

Apparently two teams have offered contracts to Edwin. I’d imagine the other team is the Astros, which would give them a tax advantage, but the agent says that ‘comfort level’ is a consideration, which makes it sound as if he’d like to come back to the Jays.

Would you be comfortable with 4 years and say $100 million for Edwin? I’m guessing that’s about where he ends up.

It would be nice to have some real news to talk about.