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Thursday Bantering

MLB: World Series-Chicago Cubs at Cleveland Indians Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

That was one wild game last night. Congratulations to the Cubs, and the Cubs fans who thought they might never live to see their team win a World Series.

You saw everything, and that was just from Rajai Davis. A bad throw, costing his team a run, and then showed less than optimal range in center, costing another run. Then he hits a big 2-run homer, on a 2-strike pitch, from Aroldis Chapman no less.

He even drove in a run in the 10th, to make it a 1-run game, and becoming the tying run.

I thought the rain delay messed up Bryan Shaw, and I thought that Francona was too slow in taking him out of the game, but it would be tough to take Shaw out and put in Trevor Bauer with the game on the line.

The Cubs have a very good young team. They might win more than one World Series this century.

Great tweet from Justin Verlander

I think that good moments should be celebrated. There are going to be enough bad moments in life, so enjoy the good.

Bautista gets way too much grief.

Speaking of Bautista:

Most likely nothing will happen in the five days, I’m sure the players will want to see other offers before signing.

Jon Morosi thinks that the Jays could look to trading Kevin Pillar. It might not be a bad idea, most of Pillar’s value is defense, and defense slows quicker than offense.

If they chose to venture into the trade market, MLB insider Jon Paul Morosi believes the Blue Jays might be interested in the likes of outfielders Charlie Blackmon, Ender Inciarte or Adam Eaton.

The cost of acquiring one of those players might mean giving up a fan favourite.

“If the Jays look at it and candidly decide centre field is where they can add a lefty bat then you have to consider trading Kevin Pillar,” Morosi told Dean Blundell & Co. on Sportsnet 590 The Fan Wednesday. “I think that is a situation you have to give very, very serious thought to.”

I think you consider trading anyone, if the right deal comes up, but we aren’t swimming in outfielders, I’m not sure we want to get rid of one.

Morning after odds on next year’s World Series: