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Tuesday Bantering: Bits of Blue Jays news

Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The Jays officially announced that they have hired Derek Shelton to be “Quality Control Coach”. Your guess is likely better than mine as for what that means or who he would report to or well, anything to do with this job. If I was a union guy, I would say that this is management’s way of putting a spy into the coaching group. Someone that could go report to the front office on which guys are working hard and which aren’t.

I’d imagine, with his batting coach background, he will be likely Brook Jacoby work with the hitters, and there was some mention that he’ll act as a go-between with the advance scouts and the coaching staff, making it easier for the coaches to go through the scouts reports.

I sent an email to the club asking what the job entails, but haven’t heard back yet.

I would have thought that the manager was the Quality Control guy.

The press release tells us that Shelton spent seven seasons as the hitting coach for the Tampa Bay Rays (2010-16) and five in the same capacity with the Cleveland Indians (2005-09). And he is the spokesperson for Speed Hitter, recognized nationally as a top batting aid for players of all ages.

You can watch Shelton spokespersoning the thing here. I guess the drag on the bat quickens up the swing on a normal bat.

MLB is trying to join the 21st century:

Yeah, it’s time.

Now, MLB, let’s talk about fixing the names of a couple of your teams.

Buster Olney wrote about Jose Bautista (and Edwin Encarnacion) over at ESPN.

About Bautista:

He appears to be in a terrible bargaining position in the market, at a time when there are so many unsigned free-agent outfielders and he (and a couple of others) are tied to draft-pick compensation. The Blue Jays, his most recent team, would not have to give up a draft pick to sign him, and in some corners of the industry, there is a belief that Toronto’s ownership will want the team’s front office to bring back Bautista -- on a one-year deal, at the very least -- because of fan recognition as well as the diminished price tag.

I’m not sure that Jays ownership tells the front office anything about signing players, but if they can get him at a good price, I’m all for it.

Buster also tells us that the market for Edwin has ‘collapsed’, making it likely that some team is going to get a steal of a deal.

Charlotte Wilder, on the SB Nation baseball page, talks about Dan Duquette ‘throwing shade’ at Bautista. I guess the Orioles have figured out that throwing pitches at Jose isn’t a good idea, so they need to try something else.

And, if you are looking for that last minute X-mas present (say for your favorite site manager) the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame is having a silent auction. There are many many cool items up for bit.