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Sporcle: Twenty Home Runs As A Blue Jay (2000-2016)

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

If you did not ace Monday's Wins Above Replacement (WAR) quiz, it is time for some redemption. After all, as the old saying goes: Sporcle users dig the long ball. Today's quiz asks you to name the forty players who hit at least twenty home runs for the Blue Jays since 2000. There's some overlap with the WAR leaders, but also plenty of new names who made a habit of putting the ball over the wall.

To get your brain "warmed up", here's the list of Blue Jays who hit exactly one home run during this span: Munenori Kawasaki, Royce Clayton, Ben Revere, David Eckstein, Mark Hendrickson, John Mayberry, Yorvit Torrealba, Jimmy Paredes, Jeremy Reed, Tony Fernandez, Mark Teahen, Sal Fasano, Michael Barrett, Adam Loewen, Kevin Barker, Junior Lake, Curtis Thigpen, Ryan Roberts, Dan Johnson, Darin Mastroianni, Hector Luna, Simon Pond, and Jason Phillips.

Good thing the quiz didn't ask who hit exactly one home run, or we might have ran into some failing marks. What a group.

Update: If this quiz does not work in your browser, try this alternative link:

Today's quiz: