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Blue Jays Sporcle: Best and Worst Defensive Seasons (2004-2016)

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

My last Sporcle focused on the offensive side of the game, asking for players who supplied plenty of power by hitting 20 or more home runs. This time, the emphasis is on the defensive side of the game, as this quiz looks at the best and worst defensive seasons by a Blue Jay.

Some players were known for showing off their range and making magnificent diving plays. Others, not so much. At the bottom of the list, you will see a ton of fielders that would be better suited for DH-duty, or at least a switch to an easier position.

The stat used in this quiz is Defensive Runs Saved (DRS), and it looks at the leaders for each season at one position. Some players show up multiple times in this quiz, as many of the top defenders impressed year over year. As a result, there are less possible answers than it initially appears.

If this quiz does not work in your browser, try this alternative link.