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Saturday Open Thread

Mark Eichhorn

About a week before Christmas, and all through Jays’ land, there isn’t even a hint of a rumor. So let’s just have an open thread, if there is anything baseball related you would like to talk about....go for it.

It’s funny how I let random signings bug me.

I know the Jays were never interested in Brad Ziegler, but I wanted them to be. I like watching those sidearm guys. Ziegler has been consistently very good for a long time. He can pitch a lot. Lefties hit him pretty good, but as a ROOGY, we could do a lot worse.

And Mark Eichhorn was a favorite of mine.

Maybe that can be a jumping on point for a conversation: Is there a player that you wished the Jays would have signed, even though he wouldn’t be a game changer, who you were overly disappointed about, even knowing the team never had a real interest?

And, off topic, how many of you still have Christmas shopping to do? I know I do. I don’t have much because our ‘family present’ is a trip to Costa Rico. We leave on Boxing Day. I can’t wait to be warm again. It seems like I’ve been cold for way too long.