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Hall of Fame Polls: the rest of the charts

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

As Tom rolled out the Hall of Fame posts late last month, a few of them didn't end up with comparative charts in them. Since there's very little else going on the baseball world on Boxing Day, I figured I'd throw the rest of them up here today. The results of the BBB Hall of Fame voting will be posted tomorrow, with the actual results from the BBWAA electorate to be announced January 18th (about a week later than usual).

I'm not going to bother re-posting the entire paragraphs about these charts, but basically it's showing each player according to the two most important dimensions for Hall of Fame purposes: Longevity (IP/PA) and on-field Productivity (ERA- and TRC+, which is like wRC+ just for all runs instead of batting runs).

Jeff Bagwell


Similar Players: Few particularly close comps, but surrounded by Hall of Famers: Ron Santo (VC), Barry Larkin, Gary Carter, Roberto Clemente, Eddie Mathews

Barry Bonds


Similar Players: Actual Bonds is basically a better Willie Mays. Bonds through 1999 doesn't have any particularly good comparables, but the closest four would be Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, Mike Schmidt, and Joe DiMaggio and that basically says it all.

Roger Clemens


Similar Players: Actual Clemens is a better run preventing version of Greg Maddux and Tom Seaver. Clemens through 1996 is basically a carbon copy of Pedro Martinez (2827 innings, 66 ERA-, 3 Cy Youngs)

Trevor Hoffman


Similar Players: Dan Quisenberry, John Franco, Brandon Webb, Bruce Sutter (BBWAA), Mark Eichhorn, Jeff Montgomery

Mike Mussina


Similar Players: John Smoltz, Juan Marichal, Don Drysdale (all elected by BBWAA)