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Which non-tendered free agents should the Blue Jays consider?

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Arizona Diamondbacks
Welington Castillo
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Over at MLB Daily Dish, they have a list of the players who were non-tendered and are now free agents. Go take a look and tell us about anyone that you would like the Jays to pick up.

I keep forgetting that the Jays could really use a backup catcher. Right now they have A.J. Jimenez on the 40-man roster, who could be an ok backup, but he’s spent more time hurt than playing over the last few years. I’m all for giving him a chance, but I’d like there to be another reasonable option when we head into spring training.

They also picked up Mike Ohlman on a minor league contract a couple of weeks ago. He’s turning 26 this month, and has had pretty reasonable minor league numbers. I don’t know much about him. I’ve seen comments suggesting he isn’t great defensively, but I don’t know if they are to be believed.

The catchers who were non-tendered are Ramon Cabrera, Welington Castillo, Eric Fryer, Bryan Holaday and Hector Sanchez.

Castillo is the one I’d like to have. He has a good arm, a bit a power. I really don’t understand why the Diamondback couldn’t have found a way to trade him, if they don’t want him anymore. I’m sure a number of teams will be contacting him.

Of the rest, I know Ben Revere will be the name that gets the most attention from Jays fans that are still pining over the guy. I’m not all that excited by the idea of him coming back, but then, I’ve found when I’m not excited about a guy, he generally turns up on the Jays roster at some point.

There are a couple of other outfielders on the list: Gabriel Guerrero, a right-handed hitter who couldn’t make it with the Reds, and Jared Hoying, a left-handed batter, who has shown power, in the minors, but, is 27 now and has a total of 49 MLB plate appearances.

Chris Carter is also on the list, a right-handed hitting first baseman, who, if platooned with Justin Smoak, could help us set a new franchise record for strikeouts. He did hit 41 home runs last year and he does walk a fair bit. But, he led the NL in strikeouts and had a .222 batting average. Put me in the no column.

There are also a few left-handed pitchers, and we could use some southpaws in the pen. Gerardo Concepcion, Cody Ege, Jacob Lindgren and Jeff Locke are now free agents. Of those, Ege or Lindgren might be interesting to look at.

Tell us which of the non-tendered free agents you would like the Jays to consider.