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Looking at the Outfield Options

World Series - Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians - Game Seven Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

With Jose Bautista and Michael Saunders possibly leaving the Toronto Blue Jays have a need in the outfield. There are many possibilities for the Blue Jays to get an outfielder or outfielders, through free agency, trade or internal options.

Free Agency

Dexter Fowler

Fowler is a player the Jays have interest in. Fowler can cross off a bunch of needs for the Blue Jays if they sign him, he adds speed, a left-handed bat and a lead off hitter, all things the Jays could use.

Fowler had a great year for the Cubs, helping them win the World Series. Last season Fowler hit .276 with 13 home runs, 48 RBI’s and 13 stolen bases. However if the Blue Jays sign him they will forfeit their first round draft pick. But they could gain two compensatory picks if Edwin and Jose leave. Reports say Fowler wants an average of $18 million a season over a long term deal. He will be 31 when the regular season starts next year.

Ian Desmond

Desmond played last season with the Texas Rangers who converted him into an outfielder. Desmond had a good season, helping the Rangers win their division before losing in the playoffs to the Jays. Desmond, unlike Fowler, is a right-handed hitter who hits for power.

Desmond would fill an outfield spot, however he still is a right handed hitter and not a lead off hitter the Jays need. Last season Desmond hit .285 with 22 home runs, 86 RBI’s and a surprising 21 stolen bases.

Ben Revere

Revere became a bit of a fan favourite with the Blue Jays in his short time with the club. Revere will be a much cheaper option than the previous two mentioned. Revere like Fowler would give us a left handed hitter and a lead off option. Revere was recently just non-tendered by the Nationals making him a free agent.

Revere had a down year last season with the Nationals, hitting .217 with 24 RBI’s and 14 stolen bases. However with the Blue Jays, Revere hit .319 with 19 RBI’s. Revere was much better at the Rogers Centre when he played with the Blue Jays, which could get Ross Atkins and company to make a move on the outfielder.

Trade Options

Jay Bruce, New York Mets

Jay Bruce has been linked to the Blue Jays for some time now, and was almost a Blue Jay last season, before a failed physical caused the teams to scrub the deal. Bruce played half the year for the Cincinnati Reds before getting moved at the deadline to the Mets. It is unknown what the Mets would want for Bruce, although probably not that much.

Bruce had an ok year combined with the Reds and Mets as he hit .250 with 33 home runs and 99 RBI’s. Bruce would slot into a right field role. Bruce would also be a left handed hitter who hits for power, which would be good for the right handed heavy lineup of the Blue Jays.

Curtis Granderson, New York Mets

Another New York Met on the trade block who the Blue Jays could be looking at. Granderson like Fowler can cross off a whole lot off the needs for the Blue Jays, as he is a lead off hitter, a left handed hitter and he can also hit for power who can replace Jose Bautista. Granderson is the more likely of the two Mets outfielders who will be traded according to many reports.

Granderson is 35 now which may be a bit too old for the Jays to look at hit but he did have a pretty good year last season with the Mets. He hit .237 with 30 home runs and 59 RBI’s. Granderson could be a stop gap until highly touted prospect Anthony Alford is ready for the big leagues.

Internal Options

Anthony Alford, Dunedin Blue Jays

Alford is one of the best Blue Jays prospects. Alford was drafted in the 3rd round in 2012 and is a right-handed hitting speedy outfielder. Alford may not be ready for the big leagues as he only played at Class A last season but he deserves a spring training invite to show his worth.

Alford in Dunedin last season hit .236 with 9 home runs, 44 RBI’s and 18 stolen bases. In the field he had 0 errors with a perfect fielding percentage. He battled a couple of injuries, including a concussion. At the end of the season, when he was finally healthy, he hit more like a top prospect. He hit .253/.349/.440 in the Arizona Fall League.

Dalton Pompey, Buffalo Bisons

Pompey is the Canadian who won the starting center field job in 2015 out of spring training but struggled and ultimately lost it to Kevin Pillar.

Last season in Buffalo, Pompey hit .270 with 28 RBI’s and 18 stolen bases. Pompey can also address the lead off hitter role if he can hit major league hitting which has been his problem as Pompey is a very good outfielder. Pompey is also a switch hitter and a speedster who can add much needed speed to the Jays lineup.

Or perhaps, the Blue Jays can just roll with a Carrera, Pillar and Upton Jr. outfield.

Have your say below who you think the Blue Jays should look to to fill out the outfield.