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Encarnacion ‘disappointed’ he won’t be back with Jays

MLB: ALCS-Cleveland Indians at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Morosi talking to Edwin Encarnacion’s agent tells us what happened with Edwin and the Blue Jays in a series of tweets.

It seems like Edwin really did want to come back to the Jays but he also wanted to see what was out there in free agency.

If he really did want to come back to the Jays, it seems like he got some bad advice from his agent. They maybe should have stayed at the table when they got the offer from the Jays, I’m sure they could talked the Jays into a little more money, if not another year.

It i too bad all around, I would have loved to have Edwin back. It is looking like the market for Edwin isn’t what he and his agent hoped.

And it looks like the team is trying to stay away from long term deals, perhaps wanting to save money for a deal with Josh Donaldson. And keeping their options open to allow guys like Alford, Tellez and Urena to break into the line up when they are ready.

While we are embedding tweets....the Jays made a coaching move: