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Wednesday Bantering: Jays Rumors

ALCS - Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays - Game Four Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

So not much for real news. Lots of rumors out there:

  • The Rockies are trying to get Marcus Stroman, or at least that’s the rumor, that they offered Charlie Blackmon for Stroman. I’d think they would have to offer a lot more than that. And I like Blackmon a lot.
  • The Jays are rumored to be talking to Bobby Wilson and Chris Iannetta about the back up catcher job. I guess, if those two are the choices, I’d like Iannetta but I’m hoping there might be more names out there.
  • Of course, the Jays have been talking to Jose Bautista. If they could get him to play first, I’m ok with a two-year deal. Between him and Steve Pearce, they could switch out on first and the outfield. I’d prefer Pearce in the outfield. I’m not sure who else would be in on Jose at the moment. A digression, but, the Orioles GM saying they aren’t going after Bautista because ‘the fans’ don’t like him, is just stupid.
  • After being told that Edwin Encarnacion would sign during the Winter Meetings, it’s looking more like he’ll be still looking for a home in the new year. Bob Nightingale says the ‘finalists’ are the Blue Jays and Indians. I can’t see the Indians giving up the money he would want but his price might be coming down. I think he would love the Jays 4-year, $80 million deal.
  • There are many possibilities for the outfield. I’m starting to think that Michael Saunders would come very cheaply. I’d love them to sign Fowler.

On the non-Jays side, the White Sox are really making a killing auctioning off players. I think they got a great haul for Chris Sale (but Sale does give the Red Sox an great looking rotations). And getting Lucas Giolito (plus) for Adam Eaton seems pretty good too.

Use the thread to discuss any rumors you might have heard.