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USA Today predicts Jays make playoffs in 2016

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

USA Today has postedtheir predictions of the teams win/loss record for the 2016 MLB season. They call it a 'semi-scientific' stab at the standings. I don't know what semi-scientific means, but I get the feeling that any study that tries to show global warming isn't happening would be titled 'semi-scientific'.

They have the Blue Jays finishing 86-76, two games back of the Red Sox, but good enough for the first wild card spot.

About the Jays they say:

That doesn't mean we hate the defending champion Blue Jays (86 wins). It's just that there's no more firepower to swing a Price-like deal come July, and six of the most important members of their major league-best offense are between 30 and 35.

I'm hoping that any drop off will be masked by us having a little more luck. We fell short of our Pythagorean record by 9 game, in 2015. I'd hope that we won't be that far below this year.

They have the Rays and Yankees tied for third at 83-79 and the Orioles coming in last at 78-84. The Jays would be hosting the Rangers for the wild card game.They pick the White Sox and Astros to win the AL Central and West.

The Red Sox seem to be the trendy pick to finish first, they do seem to have that worst to first thing down. They do have a bunch of good young players and David Price should be a very good pickup for this year (at least).

The full listing is here:

Let's have a poll.