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Blue Jays acquire Darrell Ceciliani from the Mets

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Here is Darrell (with the beard) celebrating the home run he hit for the Mets.
Here is Darrell (with the beard) celebrating the home run he hit for the Mets.
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time of year when teams look at their depth charts and say 'hey, we are short an outfielder/infielder/pitcher/bat boy' for one of the minor league teams, so they look to grab someone cheap.

In the Blue Jays' case, they picked up outfielder Darrell Ceciliani from the New York Mets for either cash or a player to be named.

Cecilani played 39 games for the Mets last year, hitting .206/.270/.279 with 5 stolen bases and 1 home run. The rest of the year he played for the Las Vegas 51s, in the PCL, hitting .345/.398/.581 with 9 home runs and 16 stolen bases in 70 games. It might be worth noting that Vegas is big time hitter's park (but he did have the best BA and OBP of any 51 with more than 200 PA).

Careerwise, in 7 minor league seasons, he's hit .290/.354/.423. In the minors, he has played all 3 outfield spots, but mostly center field. I imagine he'll be spending most of the season in Buffalo, unless they decide he's a good choice for 4th outfield.

The Jays are saying it is for a player to be named later, while the Mets have said it was for cash. Either way, they didn't send much to the Mets.

In other Jays news, the team has has re-signed friend to the site LHP John Anderson to a minor league contract. Last season he pitched 28 games, 20 starts, for the Fisher Cats, posting a 4.62 ERA, with 42 walks and 72 strikeouts.