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Blue Jays close to a trade for Jay Bruce?

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Jay Bruce
Jay Bruce
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Looks like Michael Saunders going to the Angels, and Bruce coming to Toronto.

Here is one that I didn't expect, but Ken Rosenthal and Jon Heyman are both reporting that the Blue Jays are trying to trade for Jay Bruce, from the Reds.

Add in: it looks like it will be a three team deal.

Bruce is a coming up to his age 29 season. Last year he hit .226/.294/.434 with 26 home runs. Career he has a .248/.319/.462 line with 208 home runs in 8 seasons. He has played right field for most of his career. He has made the NL All-Star team twice.

I'm not a big fan and really don't see him as a replacement for Jose Bautista, if that is the plan.

Well, here is more news.