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Better know your Blue Jays 40-man: Matt Dominguez

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Matt Dominguez was picked up off waivers from the Milwaukee Brewers, back last September, by the old Blue Jays regime.

A third baseman, he was a first round draft pick, 12th overall, back in 2007.  For a long while, he was a top prospects, ranking #64, in 2009, and #81, in 20011, in Baseball America's top 100 prospects list. Things went downhill when he actually made it to the majors.

After playing a handful of games, with the Astros, in 2011 and 2012, he had his rookie season in 2013, hitting .241/.286/.403 with 21 home runs and playing pretty poor defense at third, in 152 games. That was enough to allow him to keep the job for 2014. It didn't go well, .215/.256/.330 with 16 home runs (kind of Arencibia like numbers). Let that sink in a bit, a corner infielder had a .256 OBP and still played 157 games. It wasn't because of his glove, UZR had him at a -11.9 /150. For his season as a whole, FanGraphs had him at a -2.2 WAR. Beyond the Boxscore called him the worst player in baseball. Maybe a little mean, but he wasn't good.

Last year he spent the season in the minors, changing organizations a couple of time. In June, the Brewers took him from the Astros as a waiver claim and then, in September we took him off the Brewers' hands. He still have an option year left, so perhaps he'll stick around here for a bit.

Splitting time between the Astros' and Brewers' Triple A teams, Matt hit .269/.310/.410, with 10 home runs, in 117 games. Considering both teams played in the PCL and that he was a 25 year old corner infielder, those numbers aren't very exciting.

Since he was a former top prospect and waiver claims don't cost much, there wasn't much reason for the Jays not to grab him, but, unless someone figures out why he can't hit and why his defense has changed from this description "Dominguez is one of, if not the best defensive third baseman in the minors. He has outstanding instincts, soft hands, silky-smooth actions, and a plus arm" to terrible, I wouldn't expect it to be all that long before the Jays put him on the waiver wire. It question is, would anyone pick him up?

If Dominguez has a really good spring, he could end up in Buffalo, and be emergency depth if we are hit with a rash of injuries I'd like to think we could do better.