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Better Know your Blue Jays 40-man: Josh Donaldson

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Shouldn't that be Train to Rain?
Shouldn't that be Train to Rain?
Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, what am I going to tell you about Josh Donaldson that you didn't already know. He was amazing, both on offence and defense, surprise.

  • He had the best season ever for a Blue Jays non-pitcher by bWAR. His 8.8 beat out Jose Bautista's 8.1 from 2011. The only Jay to have a higher bWAR was Roger Clemens 11.9 in 1997.
  • His one season puts him 31st in the Jays franchise list for career bWAR among our hitters.
  • Josh's .939 OPS is the 13th best season number for the Jays. Carlos Delgado has the top mark, at 1.134 back in 2000.
  • His 122 runs scored is second best ever in team history. Shawn Green scored 134 runs in 1999.
  • He's played in exactly 158 games each of the last 3 seasons.

The only real question is how well he'll age. He was a late bloomer, he turned 30 back in December. He aged very quickly in my OOTP baseball game, but I think he'll fair much better in real life. I'd imagine he'll be very good for the next several years, likely good enough to be able to tell us he wants a 5-year, $150 million contract in a few years. Josh will be a couple of years younger than Bautista when he gets the chance to get the big pay day.

Through age 29 Josh has had 104 home runs. At the same point Jose had 113. Bautista had a few more PA, 2668 to Donaldson's 2402. Jose would go on to hit 98 home runs over the next three years (he'd miss over 110 games with injuries over those three seasons). We own Josh for the next three years, if 98 is the over/under which way would you bet? Let's make that the poll.

I'm not sure who who more amazing moments, Donaldson or Pillar. Here are some of Donaldson's: