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What question would you ask Mark Shapiro?

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Tonight is the State of the Franchise The Leadoff, that fun time when season ticket holders, get to ask questions of the powers that be in the Blue Jays front office (very carefully vetted and read out, at least last year, read out by Buck Martinez). So I figured I'd ask you all "What would you ask Mark Shapiro?"

John Gibbons and Ross Atkins will be there too, but I'd rather ask questions of Shapiro.

I'm hoping we can stay away from insulting the guy. I know we all liked Alex, but we've had GMs leave before, even popular ones. Mark walked into a tough spot, but that wasn't his fault. He's had a couple of imperfect moments in front of the press, but then who hasn't. He sees to try to be honest, when answering questions. He doesn't spend half an hour trying to talk around the question, without really coming anywhere near an answer. I'm all for giving him a chance and see what comes of it all (especially since I really don't have any other choice).

I guess, if I was allowed to ask him something, and since I figure others will ask about the possibility of extensions for Edwin and Jose, I'd ask 'what has been his biggest surprise since joining the franchise?'.

I would ask him about the process of putting a dirt infield into Rogers Centre, but John Lott did a great job or describing the process, over at Vice Sports. I'm glad to see Lott has found a new gig.

I might ask him, since it is World Cancer Day, if he would donate to my bike ride:

See how I subtly slipped that in. If you would like to donate, I'd very much appreciate it (even though I'm close to the 'goal', I'm ok with clearing that hurdle by a bunch).

We can watch "The Leadoff" at starting at 7:00 Eastern tonight. We'll have a thread to chat while it is on.

What would you ask Shapiro tonight?