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Open Thread for the Leadoff

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Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

If you are watching the Jays thing with the incredibly silly name....join us in the thread. We can complain about Buck and, well, everything else together.

You know, I really figured they would sign Jose to an extension today. It just seems like the right PR move. Make everyone happy. I guess announcing the dirt infield is what is supposed to make everyone happy. And it is cool and all, but a player announcement would be so much better. Mark Shapiro told Bob McCown that there is no decision on whether or not they will put grass in Rogers Centre.  He's learning to hedge.

Mark also said that it isn't a sure thing that they will be going to arbitration with Josh Donaldson. He says they are still talking and might come up with a muli-year deal.

He also said he's had some general talks with Bautista about an extension. And there hasn't been a decision on Dunedin.

We can watch for Minor Leaguer in the crowd.

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