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Transaction Friday: Jays sign David Aardsma

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Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It is Friday, so there is a Blue Jays transaction. Unfortunately, I was out all morning, so I'm slow getting to it.

Jays signed David Aardsma, a right-handed reliever, to a minor league contract. He's 34, has had 9 seasons in the majors. Has a 4.27 ERA in 331 relief appearances. 340 strikeouts, 183 walks in 337 innings. A 4.45 FIP. Too many walks, but I like a strikeout an inning. Fangraphs says he averaged a 91.4 mph fastball last year, throwing it 66% of the time. He also threw a slider and a split finger pitch.

He had 2 seasons as closer for the Mariners, picking up 38 and 31 saves in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Last year he pitched in 33 games for the Braves, 4.70 ERA, 30.2 innings, 14 walks and 35 strikeouts.

Along with the Gavin Floyd signing, it gives us more depth, more arms to choose for the bullpen. More arms is never a bad thing.