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Off Topic Thread: Give us your Superbowl Predictions

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I have the worst cold/flu. Having troubles focusing enough to make a moderately coherent sentence.

There is a football game on today. Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos.

I've decided I'm cheering for the Panthers, just because Cam Newton seems to get Jose Bautista level of old people whining. He celebrates wrong. He has too much fun. The guy is playing a game, getting paid millions and he's supposed to be series about it. "Roger Staubach didn't celebrate scoring".

I really don't have an NFL team that I care deeply about. I find it nice to watch the games without a worry on who wins, especially after living and dying with 162 + playoffs Blue Jays games. I just can watch the game and cheer the good plays.

Let's pick winner, final score and MVP and anything else you'd like to predict.

I'll guess 27-20 Panthers, and Newton as MVP. I'll predict I'll turn off the sound for the halftime show. Not that I have any particular feelings about Coldplay, more I figure that will be a good time to go for a walk, find some junk food to get me through the second half and find a cold beer.