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Goose Gossage on Jose Bautista: Surprise, old baseball player hates everything

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

You have all likely seen the Goose Gossage interview, on where he rips Jose Bautista, saying that he was a f---ing disgrace to the game. Of course, everything new is a f---ing problem with the game. Among the things f---ing wrong with the game are:

  • Nerds, who don't know s---. The game is a freaking joke because of those 'nerds'. I don't know why he used freaking there, when he used the other word a couple of dozen times in the 10 minute interview.
  • That you can't run over catchers.
  • That you can't pitch 'inside'.
  • Ryan Braun, who is a f---ing steroid user'. He didn't mention the Yankee steroid users.
  • Pitch counts, which have directly led to injuries.
  • And clouds, because, you know clouds are terrible (ok I'm kidding about that one).
You and I know that old baseball players have been doing this since the beginning of time. Modern players are never as good as they were in their day. I get it. Gossage was once a star and, at one time, people cared about what he had to say. Now, the only way he can get noticed is to spend ten minutes swearing and whining about today's players.

I wonder why none of these idiots can remember how old players whined about them when they were young. I get it, the world has gone to hell in a hand basket. Music isn't good anymore, movies, TV, clothes, they were all better back 'in the day', or at least I've been told that since I was 5 years old.

I'm old enough, I get the 'rant at the world thing'. I have my moments. And I, almost, understand it more from former players. They are told how important, how wonderful, how great they are. Then their career's ends and, suddenly, they aren't wonderful anymore. Thousands of people don't watch their every move anymore. And today's players makes much much more money than they ever did. It would be  very easy to be jealous.

Of course they want to think they were better players and better people than today's players. Unfortunately, some of them aren't smart enough to keep their mouths shut and not show how jealous they are.

What Gossage fails to mention is that he played with the King of the Showboaters, Reggie Jackson. And that the bat flip has been with us for years.

Gossage is entitled to his opinion. I'm entitled to think that he is an idiot.

Bautista took the high road, which shows he has a lot more class and maturity than Gossage (though, it must be hard to be mature when your name is Goose).