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GameThread Spring Game #3: Jays @ Pirates

Players have to work on their autographing during spring.
Players have to work on their autographing during spring.
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Today's game isn't on TV again, we can follow on MLB Audio, I figure I'll listen to the first couple of innings, but, I doubt I'll make it through the entire game today.

There isn't a lot of the regulars that made the roughly hour bus ride to McKechnie Field in beautiful Bradenton Florida. It is a very nice park.

We get our first look listen at Gavin Floyd in a Jays uniform. Gibby said that Floyd is in the running for the 5th starter spot. I have my doubts, but he did have a very good ERA (2.65) in 9 starts for the Braves. Who knows. Maybe he'll have a great spring and win us a bunch of a games this year (though there are days when I think I could win 10 game pitching in front of our offense, though I think Gibby would give me the hook in the 5th inning).


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