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Thursday Bantering: Bautista and the fountain of youth

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

There are lots of little bits of Blue Jays news today.

  • Peter Gammons, at Gammons Daily, has a long piece on Jose Bautista, most of it on Bautista's work to 'defy the aging process'.

At 40? "I am preparing to be physically capable of doing the same," Bautista says. "I am preparing to defy those aging curves by my strict adherence to physical, mental and nutritional routines. When I missed time (at 31) with hip problems, I changed everything," he says. "I studied, I learned about my body, and how to keep it at peak performance levels, and how to maintain it. I study how Chip Kelly prepares his players. I do what he teaches. I do what Tom Brady does. It is about discipline and diet and strive for physical and mental states that defy aging. I love a good steak; I cannot eat red meat. There are a lot of things I love, but I cannot be who and what I want to be and eat and drink them.

I'm all for working to slow the aging process. We all should be doing more. I should give up beer and chicken wings. I like that he's working hard to play as long as he can, but then there is this line:

And, oh, by the way, he wants six years, not five.

Ummmm Jose, you can do all the work you want, but I'm not going to bet $180 million dollars that you will be able to beat aging. I mean, Jose, if you are sure you are going to be playing at age 41, why not bet on yourself. How about signing a 3-year contract with maybe 3 years with 3 team option years. If you are sure you are going to age so well, let's share the risk.

Another bit of news from Gammons:

(Jose) very smart; he recently went back to the University of South Florida to complete his BA in business, and while he loves his game, he understands the game's business, how the owners' revenues have grown at an astoundingly higher rate than players' salaries in the 20 years since.

Other news:

Want to see Vlad Guerrrero Jr swing a bat?