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Spring GameThread: Jays @ Twins

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We've made it to the end of the Florida portion of the Blue Jays spring training schedule. The team gets tomorrow off, likely to enjoy the sites (and bars) of Montreal and then they have games at the Big O Friday and Saturday. And then, the season starts. YAY.

Today the Jays travel to Fort Myers to play the Twins at Hammond Stadium. Well, I say the Jays, but really, there aren't many Toronto Blue Jays making the trip. There used to be a rule that you needed to send 4 regulars to any spring road game. The Jays are ignoring that rule:

The excitement of watching fake Jays play ended (at least for me) a couple of weeks ago, but today's game is on MLB.TV so I'll likely watch the first few innings. The team has brought some of their major league bullpen members on the trip, so we there will be a few guys that we recognize play an inning.