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Wednesday Spring GameThread: Jays @ Rays

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Another game that isn't on TV or MLB.TV.

J.A. Happ gets a start. He pitched 2 scoreless innings last week. Chris Archer starts for the Rays.

There isn't that much for news coming out of the Jays camp, which is likely good, last year all we had was bad news out of spring training.

Ben Nicholson-Smith tells us that Jose Bautista is swinging left-handed in batting practice because

it helps him balance his core muscles and hips and may even help prevent injuries.

Which is one of those things that I'd need someone to show me some proof before I'd believe, but I also think that players spend a lot of time in the batting cages, so swinging from the other said, occasionally, would reduce boredom and, they say, there is a benefit to using your non-dominate hand for things. It opens new pathways in the brain or something.


Pillar, CF Forsythe, 2B
Goins, SS Souza, RF
Pompey,LF Longoria, 3B
Colabello, DH Dickerson, LF
Kotchman, 1B Guyer, CF
Lake, RF Morrison, 1B
Barney, 2B Motter, DH
Dominguez, 3B Miller, SS
Chung, C Casali, C

I'm likely to listen to the first couple of innings, but I want to get out for a bike ride, it's a beautiful day here. GO JAYS.