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GameThread: Friday in Montreal

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

So we have 2 games in Montreal before starting the season Sunday.

Most of the pitching staff stayed in Florida since the Jays play the Rays Sunday, but we have many of the regulars in the lineup today. Tomorrow we'll be seeing minor leagues I'm sure.

J.A. Happ gets his last warmup before the season starts. He is the start Wednesday against the Rays. Happ has had a pretty decent spring. We really could use a good season out of him.

Our starters this week:

Sunday: Marcus Stroman

Monday: R.A. Dickey

Tuesday: Aaron Sanchez

Wednesday: Happ

Glad they are having Sanchez follow Dickey.

I'm wondering if the team is thinking of having Edwin Encarnacion start the season on the DL. I figure that, if he was starting the season, he would be playing today. I guess they are just keeping their options open.