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Franklin Morales placed on DL, Marco Estrada activated

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We were wondering what the Blue Jays would do to make room for Marco Estrada.

Franklin Morales is going on the DL. So far they aren't saying what the injury is, but, Gibby told us that he wasn't able to get 'loose' in the bullpen, on Friday, so we can guess it is his arm or shoulder. Since he has a non-guaranteed contract, if it turns out to be something serious, they will likely just release him. Without Morales we are down to one lefty in the pen. I'd like to think another move will be made. I can't see Gibby having any confidence in Arnold Leon, so I'd expect that he would be going down to make room for someone that could get out the occasional lefty.

Marco Estrada makes his first start of the season. It's a lot ot ask, but we really could use him going deep in the game, and, of course, keep the Red Sox off the board. He was terrific last year, but he only pitched 8 innings or more 3 times. The way our bullpen has been, we couple use 8 strong innings, but it's too much to ask. Tomorrow is an off-day, so Gibby should be able to use anyone over than Leon who pitched 2 inning yesterday.

Donaldson is still the DH today. Saunders and Martin are back in the lineup. Barney plays third again.

Let's get a bunch of runs today, ok guys? Double figures?

Some Jays caught up with an old friend:

Update: Mike Wilner says it is 'weakness/fatigue' in his left arm. Quite the diagnosis: