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Blue Jays VP of business operations Stephen Brooks leaves position

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen Brooks, Blue Jays VP of business operations has left the team, according to a Shi Davidi story.

Brooks oversaw the installation of dirt at Rogers Centre, as well being the head person for marketing and other aspects of the business side of the Jays. He also was great with the fans, answering questions and twitter and giving us pictures and updates of the progress of the of the dirt infield. He seemed to be one of the few members of the Jays front office that would actually share information with us.

Shi's original story said that Brooks was 'dismissed', making it sound like he was fired. It was quickly changed to 'resigned', making it sound more like it was Brooks decision to leave. Which one is correct is anyone's guess.

I'm sorry to see him go, he seemed like a good guy on Twitter, he was quick to respond to email questions and seemed to like keeping up informed, an unusual thing in a front office that doesn't like to share anything.

I do wonder what really happened and why it happened, but I'm guessing we'll never know.


Surprise, Shi tells us that an Indian executive will replace Brooks:

Andrew Miller is expected to be hired from the Cleveland Indians, according to multiple industry sources.