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Minor Leaguers to watch: Dunedin

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

As we continue our look at guys to keep an eye out for we get to Dunedin. Even if you're not big into minor league baseball, Dunedin should draw your attention. Dunedin is where many of the Jays' top prospects will be calling home to begin the 2016 season. So lets get to it.

SP Conner Greene (21)- If you've followed the Jays' minor league system recently then the name Conner Greene should be known to you. Greene is widely considered the Jays #2 prospect, and for good reason. Greene's fastball is easily his best pitch. But, he does pair this with a good changeup and curveball. Greene probably will never be a top of the rotation guy but he projects really well into the middle of the rotation. Greene starts the year in Dunedin but it shouldn't take long for him to get back to New Hampshire.

SP Ryan Borucki (22)- Borucki is getting harder and harder to be optimistic about. He starts the year at #15 on our prospect list. Borucki has a good repertoire that includes an above average fastball and changeup. Borucki has had difficulty staying healthy as he's only logged 73 IP since 2012. If Borucki can stay healthy then he has the makings of a good starter. But at this point that seems like a big if.

SP Tom Robson (22)- Robson starts the year at #16 on the Jays prospect list. Robson had a promising start to his minor league career. But, in 2014 Robson was shut down for TJ surgery. Robson made it back for a brief appearance in 2015, but this season will be the key to seeing what Robson has. Robson is a ground ball pitcher who has the potential to pitch at the back end of the rotation sometime in the future.

RP Tim Mayza (24)- Mayza is #33 on the BBB top prospects. Mayza has greatly struggled throughout his minor league career, but 2015 was career year for Mayza. The lefty needs a repeat in 2016 to see if last year was a fluke. But, if he continues to pitch like he did last season, then the lefty could move up quickly.

RP Adonys Cardona (22)- Back in 2013 Cardona was #11 on the Jays prospect list. But, times have been tough and Cardona has never reached his potential. The Jays will try to transition Cardona into the bullpen to see if he can revive his career. Cardona has always had a really strong fastball, but lacked secondary pitches and control. Maybe a move to the bullpen could be a good move for the young Venezuelan.

RP Matt Dermody (25)- Okay, so I'm guessing that none of you have ever heard of this guy and his chances of ever making to the the Bigs is slim. But, I used to play against Matt in high school so he's worth including on my list.

C Danny Jansen (20)- Jansen was hurt for most of 2015 and only posted a .642 OPS when he was on the field. So it's hard to understand his prospect ranking of #35. But, Jansen is considered a good catcher behind the plate and, with the Jays lack of depth in that area, Jansen is a guy worth keeping an eye on.

C Max Pentecost (23)- Pentecost was the Jays' first round pick in 2014 and hit .324 over the course of that season. Injuries caused Pentecost to lose 2015. Pentecost will start the year on the DL and needs to get on the field soon to keep his #8 ranking. There's rumors Pentecost could move to first which would definetly hurt his value as he was considered a good option behind the plate.

1B Ryan McBroom (24)- McBroom comes in at #21 in our rankings. McBroom's offense will be what carries him to the majors. McBroom has a career slash line of .308/.369/.488 over the last two seasons. Additionally, McBroom won the Midwestern's League MVP last season, and is hoping to continue that production in 2016. McBroom has the tools to move quickly through the system and if he keeps up the production then he figures to be in the middle of the Jays' lineup in the future.

3B Mitch Nay (22)- Nay was drafted in 2012. The following year Nay posted a strong season. But, the last two seasons haven't gone as well and Nay will go back to Dunedin to start 2016. Nay has all the tools to be an above average third basemen (as evident by his #13 ranking), but pretty soon Nay is gonna have to put it all together. He's had a good approach at the plate and quick hands, so some of us are still optimistic.

SS Richard Urena (20)- Urena is easily my favorite prospect in the Jays' system. Urena starts the year at #3 on our list. Urena has long been applauded for his good glove work and strong arm. Urena holds a career batting average of .284. But, in 2015 Urena showed that he can also hit for some power as he hit 16 HR. Urena is only 20 years old and probably a few years away from the majors. But, Urena has all the makings of a future star. If the bat continues to develop then Urena could be a great major league shortstop.

OF Anthony Alford (21)- Here he is, our #1 prospect. We've all heard the story about how he was a dual athlete for years. In 2015, Alford finally devoted himself to baseball full time. The result was nothing short of spectacular. Alford hit .298 and stole 27 bases. Alford has all the tools to be a star center fielder and leadoff hitter. What's most surprising is how developed his baseball skills are. Alford plays good defense in the field and has a great eye at the plate. Alford drew 67 walks in 2015 on his way to an OBP of .398. These are skills that are rare in a 21 years old. Alford stands a good chance to move up quickly and could find himself in a Jays uniform in the near future.

OF DJ Davis (21)- Davis was the Jays top pick in 2012. Davis has always had the raw tools to be a great player. But, in 2015 we saw signs of Davis putting it together. Davis slashed .282/.340/.391 in 2015. Davis showed a good eye at the plate as he cut down his strikeouts. Davis still needs to refine his skills, but his talent says that if he does he could go from #12 on our list to the top 10.