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Which Blue Jays' slow start worries you the most?

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Now I keep repeating to myself, "it's early" and it is, 8 games in, 2 game under .500 means nothing.

But the one voice, in the back of my head, says "well at least one of the guys having a slow start, will end up having a bad season". It is just the way it is. Players have bad seasons.So I start worrying about which of the several players having slow starts is going to turn into the guy that has a bad year.

Let's go over the suspects:

  • Russell Martin has 2 singles, and no walks, in 24 PA. Add in 11 strikeouts and his line looks really bad. He did hit a ball hard last night, which found a glove, and he's been unlucky a few other times. On the other side, his work behind the plate has been nothing short of great. Blocking or catching even the worst pitches, throwing out 2 of 4 base stealers and, at least to my eye, calling a pretty good game behind the plate.
  • Chris Colabello has 1 single and 1 walk in 16 PA, with 6 strikeouts. I don't think that even his biggest fans expected him to have the same, shall we say, luck on balls in play. I hoped that, with having a job right out of camp, he might relax a bit, and maybe take a few more walks and chase fewer pitches out of the zone. He did miss 3 games, when Donaldson was DHing.
  • Troy Tulowitzki has 3 hits, including 1 home run, 4 walks and 12 strikeouts in 33 PA. Like Martin, he's been good with the glove and, at least, he's walking at a rate that's similar to his career numbers. But I'd really like to see him make good contact. Maybe it's from watching Reyes, but I'm so happy to get to watch Tulo play defense, that his slow start with the bat doesn't bother me so much.
  • Kevin Pillar has 7 hits, including a double and a triple, still no walks (but hit by pitch twice) for a .219/.265/.313 line, and just 4 strikeouts in 35 PA. Compared to some of the others, he's hitting like Ty Cobb, but, since he's hitting in front of the only 2 guys in the order that are hitting the way we'd expect, it would help a lot if he got on base some. I'm also kind of sad that we haven't had our daily high light reel catch from him, but that might be more lack of opportunity than anything else.
  • Edwin Encarnacion's batting average looks ok, .267 and he does have 3 walks, but 34 PA in and he doesn't have an extra base hit yet. He had a slow start last year too, but at least he had a couple of home runs and drove some guys in by this point. He didn't get in many at bats this spring, so we can forgive, but I'd like to see him hit a ball hard and make me believe that he's not still nursing an injury.
  • Michael Saunders has 5 hits, including a double and a home run, and a couple of walks, for a .227/.292/.409 line, which isn't terrible, but I haven't seen him run hard yet this season.
  • R.A.Dickey has a 8.10 ERA in 2 starts. I thought his knuckleball looked good, in his last start, and he has 12 strikeouts in 10 innings, when a lack of strikeouts was a problem last year. It's just 2 starts, and he's been a slow starter each season with the Jays.
  • Brett Cecil has a 10.13 ERA (in just 2.2 innings) and has been hit hard the last couple of times out. He had a slow start last year too. It maybe takes him a little longer to get the feel on that curve.
  • Drew Storen has a 7.71 ERA (in just 2.1 innings), but, more than the ERA, he seems to be getting hit hard even when the ball fines a glove. He hasn't given up an extra base hit year, and his ERA has been hurt by his base runners scoring after he has left the game, but he hasn't impressed yet.  I don't want to just a guy on 3 appearances, but since he is new to the team, I'd like him to make better first impression.
There are others but let's vote on these guys.