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Blue Jays recall Pat Venditte, DFA Arnold Leon

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We were expecting a move today to change around the Blue Jays bullpen.

Pat Venditte gets the call up. As you all know he's the ambidextrous pitchers (not quite amphibian). Pat pitched in 26 games, last year, with the A's. He had a 4.40 ERA. He's pitched 2 innings for the Bisons, giving up no hits or walks while get 5 strikeouts. Pretty good work.

Not a surprise that Arnold Leon is getting the DFA treatment. Leon is out of options, but I doubt the Jays will have any trouble getting him to Buffalo. If some other team wants him, I'm not going to lose sleep over the chance that he might no longer be in the system.

Pat will become the second lefty in the pen. And the 7th right-hander (or maybe 6th?). I'm curious to see him pitch. I tend to think of him as a novelty but if he gets guys out, I'll be happy. I don't see the point of throwing with either hand unless you are equally good with both. I'd rather a guy be good with one arm than ok with both. But I'm willing to see what happens.