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Minor Leaguers to watch: Lansing

Minor Leaguer

After previewing the upper levels of Jays' farm system, we finally arrive to Lansing. Much like Dunedin, the Jays' class A team is full of fun players to watch. The beauty of this level is that most guys at this level have a wide range of possibilities. Guys at this level have little predictability, and this is what makes this level so exciting. Plus, if you've ever been to these games there's a different feel to them. It's smaller and feels more pure (I know, it's kind of cliche). So, without further adieu, here's some guys worth paying attention to in Lansing in 2016.

SP Sean Reid-Foley (20)- Foley is #4 on our prospect list and with plenty of reason. Reid-Foley has a good fastball and strong slider. He combines these with a decent change up and curveball that makeup a good arsenal. SRF needs to work on his command as he walked far too many in 2015. But he offset this with a K/9 rate of 11.7. If SRF can find more consistency finding the strikezone then there's no reason to believe he can't be a top of the rotation starter.

SP Jonathan Harris (22)- Harris was the Jays' first round pick in 2015 and currently #7 on our BBB prospect list. While Harris doesn't have one pitch that really brings the wow factor, he has 4 pitches with the potential to be above average. He shows good control and stamina throughout his collegiate career. Harris should move quickly through the system and provide a stable arm in the Jays' rotation. He'll probably never be seen as an "Ace," but he's the kind of pitcher who will be able to go out and pitch a lot of innings while giving you a chance to win everyday.

SP Angel Perdomo (21)- Perdomo is a long, lengthy lefty who is #14 on our list. Perdomo has a good fastball that displays some life. Perdomo has a frame that says he should add more muscle. If he can do this then many believe he can sit in the mid 90's. He needs to work on developing his secondary pitches if he wants to stay in the rotation, but there's a high ceiling for the young lefty and it'll be fun to see what happens in 2016.

SP Francisco Rios (20)- #27 on our prospect list is a bit of a wildcard. Some don't see him with a future in the Bigs, while others think he posses the tools to be a good starter for the Jays. 2016 will be important for Rios as he's never thrown more than 65.1 innings in a season. 2016 should give us a much better gauge on what to expect from Rios.

SP Clinton Hollon (21)- Hollon graded out as our #10 prospect, but will have to wait a few weeks to get back on the field as he's serving the rest of his 50 game suspension for PEDs. But, when Hollon gets back he posses three pitches with the potential to be above average and good command for a 21 year old. Hollon will need to refine his command and generate more swing and misses. But, there's nothing to suggest that Hollon won't eventually find his way to an MLB rotation.

RP Dusty Issacs (24)- Isaacs is a fairly uneventful prospect, but still comes in at #40 for our prospect list. Isaacs doesn't have any one pitch that wows you, and a look at his career 3.59 ERA doesn't say "elite". But, Isaacs has a K/9 rate of 10.66 compared to a BB/9 of 1.96. He keeps the ball low and doesn't give up homeruns. Isaacs could find a home as a middle reliever somewhere over the next few years.

C Ryan Hissey (22)- Hissey was drafted by the Jays in the 14th round of the 2015 draft. This doesn't exactly make him sound like a star, and you won't see him on any prospect lists. But, Hissey plays well behind the plate and earned All-Confrence honors his sophmore year. He's known to work hard and be a good teammate. He slashed .283/.381/.401 in 53 games last season. The Jays system doesn't have much for catching prospects so Hissey is a guy worth keeping an eye on.

3B Connor Panas (23)- Panas was drafted in the ninth round of the 2015 draft. Panas is described as not having any plus tools, yet not having any real weaknesses. He was drafted as a 3rd baseman, but has spent time at 1B and the OF throughout his career. I don't ever see Panas being a regular MLB player, but he has the makings of someone who could develop into a solid utility player.

3B/1B Carl Wise (21)- Wise is another of many drafted by the Jays in 2015. Wise was drafted in the 4th round and sits at #36 on our prospect board. Wise has played mostly third throughout his college career and one game at short for the Canadians last year, but many think he might have to move to first in the future. Wise's real strength is his power has he displayed over his college career. He's got a good frame and swing that can generate a lot of power. If he sticks at third then the chances of him making it to the Bigs greatly increases. Wise is still a project in the making, but one that's worth keeping tabs on.

SS JC Cardenas (21)- Yet another 2015 draftee (6th round), Cardenas was considered a reach by many as his fielding has been poor and his career numbers are good, but not great. Cardenas bolstered his stock with a strong junior season. JC is a switch hitter with some offensive tools. He's worth paying attention to because clearly the Jays saw something in him that warranted reaching for this guy, especially since he's far off AA's traditional draft strategy.

2B/OF/3B Lane Thomas (20)- Thomas is #25 on our prospect list to start the year despite struggling in 2015. Thomas was drafted in 2014 as an outfielder but has played about everywhere. He played mostly centerfield and third base during his first season but the Jays moved Thomas to second in 2015. Thomas struggled at second and is currently listed as and outfielder so we'll have to watch how that plays out. Many scouts graded him out with a strong arm and good athleticism so it would appear it's just about finding the right fit for him. Thomas has a quick swing and knack for squaring the ball up. Some think he has the ability to develop some power to compliment his good speed and base running. Thomas is worth keeping an eye on because his ceiling could be similar to a Ben Zobrist type guy. Or he could turn into nothing more than a utility player. Either way, 2016 will be very telling on the young man's future.

OF Jacob Anderson (23)- Most probably won't recognize Anderson's name, and that's not surprising. Since being drafted by the Jays 35th overall in 2011, Anderson has been a bit of a disappointment. He holds a career slash line of .212/.282/.314. I know that right now you're asking why bother keeping an eye out for Anderson. Well, he still possess a lot of physical tools that are intriguing. Anderson has been batting in the middle or Lansing's order through the first few games. 2016 is basically the last chance for the former first rounder.